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What is Homeopathy? It is a tried and tested form of  medicine based on a specific set of principles regarding, health, illness, cure and pharmacolgy  that stimulates the body's unique self-healing properties through highly diluted remedies made from natural substances. Therefore, there are no side effects nor toxins and it is therefore suitable for any age or energy level.

What conditions can be treated homeopathically?  Homeopathy is not specific to a particular illness but is directed at the underlying state of the person suffering that condition. By addressing their state, the appropriately chosen remedy addresses the illness. It holistically treats the person rather than the disease therefore can be applicable to any chronic degenerative disease, inflammation, systemic inbalances and emotional disturbances.

Can they be taken with orthodox medicine? Yes. Many people who begin homeopathic treatment are already taking conventional medicine. Often their goal is to ultimately reduce or eliminate their medication. With the correct treatment plan and remedies this is sometimes possible.

 How long does it take to work? Homeopathy can work in seconds or it can take years. An appropriate constitutional remedy with begin to alleviate symptoms fairly quickly sometimes within days and then continue to have a positive effect over months and years. the severity and length of the problem often influences length to recovery.

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